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It’s Summer…. Lather Up!

  Even when it isn’t dead-of-winter-freezing or desert-level dry, we all want our skin just a little softer, more supple, and plumped with moisture. Winter's low humidity and harsh conditions can do a number on your skin, leaving it flaky, itchy, and dry as a bone.  Creating a routine that builds in hydration is the [...]

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Table Settings

A GORGEOUS TABLE makes the food more delicious has always been my rule!   So, you're throwing a party, having guests over for dinner, or you want to surprise your family with a home cooked meal.  Food is de-li-cious, but you want to make it extra special...   Well, set a great table! It makes [...]

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Shopping, ShOpPiNg & MORE SHOPPING!

Well, Hello, my friends! Here I am.... shopping again!  I just finished over 50 Christmas trees this year, and we are already shopping and designing next year's Christmas surprises!  CRAZY, I KNOW, BUT NECESSARY!  It is soooo much work and OH SO FUN! We shop all over for the unique and plan each idea with [...]

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Get Decorating!

You have decluttered and donated your unwanted items or items that you know will no longer work for your home.... Now let the FUN begin! Start by looking on Pinterest or in Decorator Magazines for rooms you love.  Look for colors that make you feel happy and styles that reflect your lifestyle.  Keep an ongoing [...]

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Paint Selection

Of all the questions I get asked about decorating, PAINT SELECTION is in the top 5.  It can be a very stressful process.  When I walk into a consultation, I often see about 25 paint swatches painted on the wall.  Some design rules I love to break, but then there is color.  While we are [...]

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