Get Ready to Decorate – De-cluttering!

Styles have changed dramatically in the last 5 years. To update and refresh your home, start with de-cluttering. It won’t flow if you don’t.

Front Door Forward
Start at your front door, and go right, then you can remember where you started the next time you’re ready to start again. Starting at the front door also has it advantages. The public areas will get de-cluttered first.

Start Small
I recommend starting with 15-20 minutes per day. Don’t do more than an hour at a time, or you will burn out. Cleaning and making decisions can be exhausting. Cleaning doesn’t take brain energy, but choosing what to throw out can be emotional which is much harder work than doing the dishes.

Have a Donation Bin, Trash Bin and Re-purpose Bin ready. Hint: donation and trash bin should be much larger if you’re de-cluttering your life. 🙂

Helpful Tips
1. If it’s broken… Gone.
2. If it has been in your home for more that 15 years, out of date, or has no sentimental value… time to make a donation.
3. If it has ivy in it- it needs to leave.
4. If you can no longer remove the dust from it, it has had it’s day and needs to go to the trash. No one will appreciate the donation.

Good Luck!
You will feel better, and it will be worth it!
And then, we CAN decorate!


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