You have decluttered and donated your unwanted items or items that you know will no longer work for your home…. Now let the FUN begin!

Start by looking on Pinterest or in Decorator Magazines for rooms you love.  Look for colors that make you feel happy and styles that reflect your lifestyle.  Keep an ongoing file and you should start seeing a pattern of those things you are attracted to.  By doing this, it will help you communicate to your designer what it is you want your space to feel and look like when it is finished.


Next, figure out what big pieces you would like to have replaced – sofa, chairs, end tables, rugs, draperies lighting, etc.
You will need to have some sort of budget to work with.  If you do not have a budget when you meet with your designer, you will not have a starting point  In turn, it will take longer in getting your project going.
Realistic budgets are best.  If there are big pieces to replace, a $1500 budget is not realistic. If you are just updating with accessories, then you could be right on track.
When redoing an entire room from scratch, it would be a good idea to write down what you think the costs are of each item that you would like to replace.  Having a dollar amount with each item can help you realize what you really want to replace and what items you must keep and or try to work with.  To help get your project going, you can always start with a budget and add to it later.  We have many clients that say I have $3000 (or any given amount) and in 2 months can budget another $1500.  This helps to get the project going, and also help you to see what your decorating/redecorating priorities really are.
For a designer’s touch, please give our Design Studio a call when you are ready with your next decorating project.