Well, Hello, my friends!

Here I am…. shopping again!  I just finished over 50 Christmas trees this year, and we are already shopping and designing next year’s Christmas surprises!  CRAZY, I KNOW, BUT NECESSARY!  It is soooo much work and OH SO FUN!

We shop all over for the unique and plan each idea with collaboration of hundreds of vendors to ensure every tree is unique and special in theme, down to every last detail.  Sometimes our feet and bodies tell us the idea we are working on is good enough and done, but we just can’t help ourselves… we have to see it all!  WHAT IF there is one last item out there that just puts it right over the top to make it magical?  That is our drive!  Not only with Christmas trees, but in all of our shopping adventures.  We can’t stop until we know we’ve seen it all!

We are also checking out the latest in lighting, art, new colors, new accessories, bedding, pillows, rugs, furniture, and anything and everything you need to make your home and space your very own. We love to look for unique and Designer Blvd-worthy items that will make our customers smile!  It is important to us that we handpick our items and plan the flow of arrival, choosing themes and colors so they will come alive for you, our friends and customers!

I want to make sure every minute is well-spent… 16 hours a day… for a week straight… shopping right through meals. One thing is certain, at Designer Blvd, we only want to bring you THE BEST of the best!  Over the upcoming months, we are excited to see the new and fun items start rolling in!  They already started coming in today!  Please drop by for a visit to Designer Blvd!  We would love you to see our work and all the new looks.  Come see us!  It is a destination, and we hope an experience you will want to come back for, time and again.  We stay very busy, busy and happy because our inventory is always changing, and there is always something new and different arriving daily.

I am now heading out for fashion shopping!  Let the fun begin!  I hope my feet are ready!