It’s Summer…. Lather Up!


Even when it isn’t dead-of-winter-freezing or desert-level dry, we all want our skin just a little softer, more supple, and plumped with moisture. Winter’s low humidity and harsh conditions can do a number on your skin, leaving it flaky, itchy, and dry as a bone.  Creating a routine that builds in hydration is the way to battle the cycle of persistent dry spots that you then try to treat as they arise. Instead, keep your skin fully hydrated and healthy with a daily routine, so the skin’s moisture barrier remains intact all year round.  If you don’t want to looks like a desert tortoise, take a few precautionary measures.



  • As soon as you get out of the shower or tub, while your skin is still damp, slather on the moisturizing lotion.
  • Choose a lotion brand that has petroleum jelly or lanolin high on the ingredients list.
  • Don’t go outside in any season without using SPF of at least 15 on your face and hands.
  • Try adding lemon juice or vinegar to your bathwater.  Soap, being highly alkaline, may make your skin feel itchy.
  • To soften dry skin, add 1 cup powdered milk to your bath.  (It worked for Cleopatra, supposedly.)
  • Avoid steaming hot water or lengthy immersions, which will strip your skin of it’s natural oils.  Water counter-intuitively dries out your skin, particularly hot water, which is why dermatologists always recommend (wildly unappealing, especially in winter) tepid showers and baths; they also advise shorter, less-frequent ones.
  • The way to at least partially counteract the drying effects of blissfully warm showers and baths is to get oils and moisturizers onto your skin while you’re still in them.  Bath oils and bath salts can make an enormous difference.
  • Wash gently.  Vigorous scrubbing can further irritate sensitive skin.
  • Forgo skin products that contain alcohol, which can exacerbate drying.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to tackle this skin care concern from head to toe.    If you are looking for a product to help you combat dry skin, I highly recommend our Goat’s Milk Lotion we carry in the store!  It is closest to human skin and is easily absorbed.  You won’t be disappointed in the price either!  Come in and try some.  We’d love to know what you think about it!

I hope you find these remedies helpful!


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Table Settings

A GORGEOUS TABLE makes the food more delicious has always been my rule!


So, you’re throwing a party, having guests over for dinner, or you want to surprise your family with a home cooked meal.  Food is de-li-cious, but you want to make it extra special…   Well, set a great table! It makes everyone more excited about sitting down together and making memories than eating.

Step outside the box.  Use different and unusual.   For starters, I always like to make sure I have fun napkins and napkin holders.   Adding an object or something for color in the middle of the plate is always a nice touch.

For Easter, I use the bunny napkin rings.  I, then, have my everyday I can switch back to.  A great idea for summer is switching out to a succulent theme.

Splurge on the WOW piece.  For those special occasions, always have cloth napkins and place mats.  I love chargers!   They make the table more grandiose if it’s extra special!   When I’m stressed and am running short on time, I splurge on pretty paper plates to simplify. 


Easy changes keep things interesting and reusable.   Have your family get involved and help so they know how to decorate a table when they leave the nest.  I have always loved flowers, but I also love candles.  We switch it up all the time at Designer Blvd.   You can come see all of our different table-scapes that are affordable and keep your family traditions going on for years.

Come into the store to purchase our Easter Table Setting Items at our great low prices.  Mention you read this article, and you will receive  30% OFF all your Easter Table Setting Items.

Available in both Pink/White and Sea Glass Blue/White.



Pricing Guide

(before discount)

Cloth Napkins – $3.99

Porcelain Bunny Napkin Rings – $4.99

Beaded Sea Glass Blue Napkin Rings – $6.99

Placemats – $5.99

Chargers – $24.99

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Shopping, ShOpPiNg & MORE SHOPPING!

Well, Hello, my friends!

Here I am…. shopping again!  I just finished over 50 Christmas trees this year, and we are already shopping and designing next year’s Christmas surprises!  CRAZY, I KNOW, BUT NECESSARY!  It is soooo much work and OH SO FUN!

We shop all over for the unique and plan each idea with collaboration of hundreds of vendors to ensure every tree is unique and special in theme, down to every last detail.  Sometimes our feet and bodies tell us the idea we are working on is good enough and done, but we just can’t help ourselves… we have to see it all!  WHAT IF there is one last item out there that just puts it right over the top to make it magical?  That is our drive!  Not only with Christmas trees, but in all of our shopping adventures.  We can’t stop until we know we’ve seen it all!

We are also checking out the latest in lighting, art, new colors, new accessories, bedding, pillows, rugs, furniture, and anything and everything you need to make your home and space your very own. We love to look for unique and Designer Blvd-worthy items that will make our customers smile!  It is important to us that we handpick our items and plan the flow of arrival, choosing themes and colors so they will come alive for you, our friends and customers!

I want to make sure every minute is well-spent… 16 hours a day… for a week straight… shopping right through meals. One thing is certain, at Designer Blvd, we only want to bring you THE BEST of the best!  Over the upcoming months, we are excited to see the new and fun items start rolling in!  They already started coming in today!  Please drop by for a visit to Designer Blvd!  We would love you to see our work and all the new looks.  Come see us!  It is a destination, and we hope an experience you will want to come back for, time and again.  We stay very busy, busy and happy because our inventory is always changing, and there is always something new and different arriving daily.

I am now heading out for fashion shopping!  Let the fun begin!  I hope my feet are ready!


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Get Decorating!

You have decluttered and donated your unwanted items or items that you know will no longer work for your home…. Now let the FUN begin!

Start by looking on Pinterest or in Decorator Magazines for rooms you love.  Look for colors that make you feel happy and styles that reflect your lifestyle.  Keep an ongoing file and you should start seeing a pattern of those things you are attracted to.  By doing this, it will help you communicate to your designer what it is you want your space to feel and look like when it is finished.


Next, figure out what big pieces you would like to have replaced – sofa, chairs, end tables, rugs, draperies lighting, etc.
You will need to have some sort of budget to work with.  If you do not have a budget when you meet with your designer, you will not have a starting point  In turn, it will take longer in getting your project going.
Realistic budgets are best.  If there are big pieces to replace, a $1500 budget is not realistic. If you are just updating with accessories, then you could be right on track.
When redoing an entire room from scratch, it would be a good idea to write down what you think the costs are of each item that you would like to replace.  Having a dollar amount with each item can help you realize what you really want to replace and what items you must keep and or try to work with.  To help get your project going, you can always start with a budget and add to it later.  We have many clients that say I have $3000 (or any given amount) and in 2 months can budget another $1500.  This helps to get the project going, and also help you to see what your decorating/redecorating priorities really are.
For a designer’s touch, please give our Design Studio a call when you are ready with your next decorating project.
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Paint Selection

Of all the questions I get asked about decorating, PAINT SELECTION is in the top 5.  It can be a very stressful process.  When I walk into a consultation, I often see about 25 paint swatches painted on the wall.  Some design rules I love to break, but then there is color.  While we are so abundant in options of color palettes and fabric selections, there is some room to allow for color interpretation.   There is still a chance to take a wrong turn on the color wheel especially when choosing colors like grey, red, green, or blue or even pink undertones.  It must be a thoughtful process.
Color is one of the last things we pick at Designer Blvd.  It works out much better for the homeowner when this decision has been saved for last.  You need to pick your fabrics, rugs, and other elements in the room first.  You must think of paint being the back drop for the richly planned stage.  If you pick the paint first, you can really pin yourself in a corner trying to plan around the paint instead of picking the things you love or are drawn to.
To help you with paint selection, here are some ideas that will help you decide what is right for your space.
1. Plan your room… then pick your paint to support the elements you have going on in your room.
You can take your colors cues from your fabrics or a chair pattern.
2.What is your focal point?  Is it the paint or the room?  If it is the paint like a bright cobalt blue that is trendy right now, it can look just as perfect in a bright lamp or vase instead of an entire wall.  If the walls are going to scream a bright yellow, you want to wrap the rest of your furnishings in neutral tones or even white.  If the walls are the focal, everything else in the room needs to support it rather than fight it.
3. Consider your home as whole.  All parts and rooms need to have some relation for proper flow.  I always tell my clients, you need to think of the room in your home as relatives and you should be able to tell who your relatives are in each room.  There needs to be some relation in each room.   However, if you aren’t careful, paint color can stop that flow.
4. What is the space intended for?  I hear clients say,  “I love red…. so I am going to do my bedroom in red!”  They later find they wanted the space to be relaxing and serene.  The feeling of ‘relaxing and serene’ and the color red do not exactly compliment each other.  Choose what the space is intended for – then your color.  Wall color can completely change the mood and feeling in a room.  Make sure the feeling you are aiming for and the color you are leaning towards compliment each other and are working towards the same goal.
 With these  in mind, choose your paint last for a more expensive backdrop and making your items relate.
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