I love this store! They have the cutest clothes and great customer service. I came in initially to buy a gift for a friend and fell in love with all of their home décor! I was a little hesitant hiring a designer because 1) I had a budget and 2) I had my own ideas about what I wanted. I didn’t want a style that didn’t fit my or my family’s personality or needs. Carol and Mia were over the top amazing! They showed me how to get the most for my money but still have pieces that were WOW and they worked with furniture that I already had and wanted to keep. They went above and beyond accommodating my schedule (with a new baby at the time) and added every extra touch I imagined. They understood that I wanted my home to be not only amazing but functional and family friendly. They created an absolutely beautiful space that we loved! We ended up listing our house one year later and because it looked like a model home, (thanks to the amazing design team at Designer Blvd), it sold within three days.

I have since had them decorate my new home and I am equally impressed. I would highly recommend Designer Boulevard to anyone looking to hire a designer who listens to their clients and designs something that fits you and your family!

Leah B.,
My husband and I weren’t sure what to expect when we scheduled our consultation with Designer Blvd. I’m not the easiest person to please when it comes to my home, but you guys absolutely blew me away! I never was made to feel my opinon wasn’t important. The designers really listened to our concerns and ideas, and then turned our vision into reality in a way we never could’ve done ourselves. I will sing your praises every chance I get!
Dave & Lorraine
I love the unique gift items. Your clothes are also very cute! You are truly one of my favorite stores.
Amanda B.
Carol, Misty and everyone at the store went above and beyond in customer service! Love this store and a stop I make every time I travel to Scottsdale and area!
Dee P.
Seriously an awesome place for furniture & home decor. My wife absolutely LOVES this place. This is a great place for a man to go when they are looking for gifts for their better half. They also have clothes too … which I thought I needed to point out because from first glance you would think its just a home decor place. Staff is friendly, but never pushy … I have been in several times now and never once got annoyed. That says a lot. I get annoyed quickly from these types of places normally. (I am a man what can I say) Anyway, go check it out! Highly recommended.
Matt S.
I love this store!! I live in Vancouver Washington but my daughter lives in Az..It’s a must place to stop when I come for a visit..LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!
JoEllen L.
Obsessed with this place! I have hired them for window treatments and get so many compliments on them!!! Not to mention all the beautiful and unique decor!!
Corrina M.
Always find something I Can’t live with out!
Robyn A.
I finally got to stop in on my way home from work this past week, and I’m so happy I did! The style is amazing, I wanted just about everything in the store! The floral arrangements were stunning, and I was able to pick up 2 holiday arrangements at an unbelievable deal!! Staff was very kind and helpful! I’ll definitely be back! Thanks!
Heather S.
I originally hired Carol over the summer to help me with my entry way. It was such a great experience and I loved the results, so I decided to have her redecorate my living room. Loved it again, so I had her redecorate my master bedroom… which led to my laundry room… you get the idea!! My hubby wishes I never found you, BUT I’m a happy customer and will forever be greatful to Designer Blvd for my gorgeous home!
My husband and I sold our home in California and the buyer purchased most of the furnishings. We purchased a new home in Chandler, and I knew I would need help in decorating it. After going to different home decor stores, I came across Designer Blvd and am so glad I did. It was love at first sight. Being new to the area and not knowing many people, I felt a sense of coming home upon entering the store. I was greeted with a welcome and a smile. I felt I had arrived – this was everything I was looking for, a one stop shop. The sales staff are all warm and friendly. I was impressed by all the beautiful accessories and furniture. I met with the owner, Carol Hatch, and another top notch decorator, Stacey. Their ideas and insight have made my home beautiful. They did a wonderful job, very professional, and in a timely manner. When I enter my home, my heart sings. Thank you, Designer Blvd. You rock!
(ps: I love to take time and browse through the store. There’s always new and different things to see. They really go all out for Christmas- that’s not to be missed)
As someone who has had some nightmare experiences in the past with other decorators, it was such a relief to find Designer Blvd. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to make their home amazing (while not having to spend a fortune)! My bedroom has never looked so good, and it’s by far my favorite room in the house thanks to you and your talented team. Thanks for everything!
Ok, so to start off, this is my wife favorite place to head sometimes to grab a “gift” for her or her friends and family. Finally I went in with her, and I realized I needed to come more often, why, because the ladies help you find what you need for your wife with but a few questions. It is a in and out stop quick grab for you and it is affordable.
John W.
Really glad I found out about this place because it has made getting gifts for my wife so. much. easier. (let me redeem my man points here) It’s like one of those places that every guy dreads going into because your wife or girlfriend will be there for no less than 2 hours because they HAVE TO look at EVERYTHING!!! (end man points rant) hahha. .. But in all seriousness this place is great for home furnishings & decor. My wife also likes the clothes they have for sell too. If you are looking for quality furniture & home decor this is the place to go. It is not the cheapest, but the quality makes up for that. You will not be replacing it every couple of years. It will last. Everyone in the store has been friendly to me, but not to the point where they annoyed me. They will let you do your thing, but also take care of you if needed.
Matt S.
I have been shopping here fours 4 years. It’s the only home decor store around of it’s kind, quality and items that make your home look like a professional designer decorated for you. The staff is always friendly and helpful.
Denise F.
I LOVE this place. I could spend forever here just looking around at all the cute stuff they have. There is furniture, wall decor, and everything in between. The staff is always super helpful if I have a questions. Oh and I almost forgot. They have clothes and jewelry and purses too. What more could you ask for. My only wish would be that the store was bigger so I could spend more time in it.
Holly S.
I can’t believe that this little gem was seconds from my house for a year and a half before I ever went there! For the past 6 months I’ve been hooked.

Need a cute and special gift-check.
Accessory to complete and outfit? check
Cute outfit to go with the accessories for when you deliver that cute gift? check check

I usually tend to admire their home decor from afar as some of the items tend to be a little pricey for me but I know one day I’ll find something I can’t bare to live without and then go for it.

They also do free home design consulting. Sigh. This someday will happen too.

For now I’ll get my fix with designer jeans and Vintage Rose Wraps because those you can never have too many of!

Lisa G.
Very cute store, lots of good deals, great place to shop for a gift or for yourself!
Hillary D.
LOVE this store!!!! I especially like to go during the holidays because they really deck the place out. Their Christmas trees will take your breath away.

The only negative is that they are expensive, but in recent years they have really lowered their prices. They have also increased their clothing selection, which is amazing.

Jennifer G.
I recently discovered this little gem it has some beautiful homeware items. I picked out several pieces and when I headed to the counter I was informed everything was buy one item get one 50% off…..I will be back for sure!
Brooke L.
I’m in love with everything about this store! Everyone in there is so helpful and they design studio experience is absolutely amazing. Carol and Misty really know what they are doing when it comes to decorating. I just want to buy everything I see.
Jennifer C.
One of my favorite and most delightful decorating studio in our Area! Don’t pass them by. A definitely must stop!
Ginger D.
This store is the cutest ever!! Wish my house looked exactly like it :)-
Sarah B.
I’ve come here for several years. I’d rather shop small business and keep the money in our state. They’re so good about weekly sales. I’ve never not bought something and not be satisfied. Their customer service and the owner absolutely, always the BEST! It’s my “go to”store.
Julie S.
Awesome employees! Something is always on sale!
Noel W.